Aain Gallery Fine Arts

Since 2011 Artnet presents us. Contact through: click on the link below, then go to “contemporary art”, “galleries” and “Aain-Gallery Switzerland”      

Our representatives:


United States Representative

Brenda Schumacher


+1 847-691-2301

South East Asia Representative (Thailand, India, Singapore, Hongkong)

Peter Poudyel


+ 668-18-944-657 (Bangkok)

China Representative

 Zhiqiang Li 991978@gmail.com


Russia Representative Natascha Mavleeva, St.Petersburg, Russia, Ksyu-don@ya.ru





Current Exhibitions

In Juel's Bioglyph portrait series, two powerful leaders, Mao Tse Tung and Mahatma Gandhi, are represented behind a layer of Egyptian hieroglyphic text. See entire gallery >