Aain Gallery Fine Arts

Aain Gallery identifies and supports extraordinary emerging contemporary artists. Specializing in contemporary art from Switzerland, Russia and the Far East, the gallery programs encourage experimentation and expression that challenges the boundaries of traditional artistic genres. Through participation in solo exhibitions and art fairs, the artists of Aain Gallery are given room to develop their practices in view of international attention. Aain Gallery seeks to advance the careers of artists who communicate a message, wrapped in today’s aesthetic concerns, and contribute to an international cultural dialogue.

Judith Schönenberger, Founder…

Prior to launching Aain Gallery Fine Arts, Judith worked for many years as the CEO for an international organization. During her business travels she explored local artist communities and cultivated relationships with artists and collectors throughout Europe and Asia. Guided by a deep passion for emerging contemporary art, Judith seeks to identify never-before-seen artists and introduce them to a global audience. She reveals each artist in a solo exhibition platform, with a singular focus until the artist has achieved momentum, at which point she pulls back the curtain to reveal another treasure. Artistic success on all levels is central to Aain Gallery’s mission.